Friday, 5 June 2015

Explanation Writing

WALT: write an explanation about how or why something occurs.

How Do Planes


Airplanes need thrust to move forward. For it to move forward it needs an engine and a propeller.

Wings are used keep the plane going straight.
The wings are the things on the side of the plane.
Wings are thin so that the wind goes over and under them.

The engine needs fuel to start up the plane.
An engine or the plane won't move.
An engine starts the plane.

Propellers sucks in the air and pushers the air behind it.
A propeller spins around causing thrust.
The propeller makes the plane go forward.


The wings helps the plane go straight and the engine helps the plane go forward.
I think that planes are a good use for going (flying) to other places or countries.

By Lachlan :)

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