Monday, 4 May 2015

My Hero

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Subject: DanTDM

           Full Name: Daniel Middleton
           P1 He’s My Hero Because...
           I like the minecraft mod showcase videos he makes because I like lots of mods that he
           I like his pet skeleton dog named Grim and his lab partner DR
           Also when i get minecraft on my home computer I will get the download for his world &
          he's a friendly YouTuber.

          P2 Facts: Dan has made over 1,000 videos. Dan is willing to make a giant kingdom. His

         wifes name is Jemma Middleton (also known as JemPlaysMC) . Their pugs names are

          Ellie and Darcie

          P3  Dan’s History: He started to play  minecraft in July 14, 2014.

          Dan has over 1,000 videos and still increasing. Dan’s had over 5 million subscribers.

          Dan does 1-2 videos each day.

          P4 CHARACTERS
          Craig the mailman he is Dan’s mailman that delivers crafting recipes/items for Dan.

         Denton, Trayaurus’s enemy. he came from the Mutant Bugs mod.

         Dan has two pigs ( in minecraft ) ones called Terrence and the others called Terrance.

         Terrence he’s the one that lives at the lab. Terrance came from Dan’s Xbox series.

        Terrance was named after Terrence but you can call Terrance Terrence the 2nd.

        P5 Something special: Dan has made at least 1 live video and let some kids play as him

        In  and fight mutant monsters mod. (That's where Deton came from)


       CONCLUSION: I think Dan is an amazing minecrafter.


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